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Technology has transformed all facets of our society, from the way we used to work, to the way we communicate with friends and family, to the way we consume entertainment. Online shopping has a bright future. Once the details of online commerce are worked out, it and the Internet in general could reconstruct the structure of the business world. A large part of the success of this most profitable holiday season is due to the impressive amount of money being spent online.While nearly every element of our day-to-day is now reliant on technology, perhaps no activity has been more greatly upended than the way we shop. Almost everybody like buying new stuff, but it’s not always easy or comfortable to do. People are waiting for new technologies that will raise the whole process of shopping to the higher level, and that’s what augmented reality can do for sure in nearest future.

Customers want to see what they are going to buy before any purchase is made, and AR makes it possible to see virtual products in the real environment. So the augmented reality can solve plenty of actual problems in online shopping.Even if you have all of a product’s parameters, it’s still very hard to imagine how it will look like in your home or whenever you want it to be, without the help of some AR application.

Augmented reality can be used on a lot of screens and connected devices, such as:

  • mobile devices

For example smartphones or tablets can be used as specific windows and through them people can move 3D models of the product and see how is it in different positions or places.

  • PC and TVs that are connected

On these devices AR works through the webcam and transmit in the screen. But that is not really comfortable, because you need to control it in front of the screen,

  • Customization:Competition in the future may evolve to the point where you can get whatever piece of clothing you want however you want it. No one is like to go from store to store trying to find that perfect size or color.
  • Make big transactions quite easy:In future, pricing, duration, deliverable, results, and other relevant parameters becomes easy and transparent. These helps to speed up traditionally lengthy sales process, and enables customers to complete complex transactions in a few clicks.
  • Fingerprints Replace Credit Cards: Your customers will have a digital account which can directly with their fingerprint, making checkout faster, safer, and more secure than ever.  The technology may not be fully developed right now, but it will be in the nearfuture.

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