Does a Baby Jumper Affect the Development of your Infant?

Nothing is cuter than a bouncing baby boy, but if that baby is bouncing in a jumper, his development may be hampered. Baby jumpers are designed to allow a baby to bounce by using his toes to push off from the ground — a motion that delights most babies. Unfortunately, it is not in your baby’s best interest to let him use a jumper, as they can negatively affect development and pose a safety hazard.

There is nothing cuter than a bouncing baby, but if that baby is bouncing in a baby jumper then his development may be accelerated. Baby jumpers are designed to allow a baby to bounce by using his/her legs and toe- causing the motion that tends to delight most babies. If you are considering buying one then please read the full details mentioned on the pack.

Types of Jumpers

Baby jumpers are available in three basic forms. The first one attaches to the frame of your door and provides the soft ring-shaped seat that is attached the elastic strap. The second type of baby jumper is stationary- it comes with its own frame that features a comfortable seat which is suspended and is attached to fabric covered springs. Last but not the least- the third type of the baby jumper is similar to a stationary one and comes with several toys to enhance the acting skills of your baby. However, the latter two are considered to be the safer ones than the former, but still, they all tend to pose the developmental risk to your baby.

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Developmental Risks

Baby jumpers are fun, but they are not very beneficial or your baby in a way. Also, they somehow promote the movement that is detrimental to the motor skills of your baby.  The position of your baby in the seat can also be a little problem, as the weight of your baby is supported by the hips, under the arms as well as the crotch. As a result of which there are some problems, people face as they may experience some serious developmental problems when we talk about the proper posture of your baby. And this problem can cause the delay in walking skills. Therefore, you must read the full details and related information before buying a baby jumper for your wee one.

Safety Risks

A baby jumper can affect your baby’s development, but they can also pose some serious safety-related problems as well. If uses carelessly, it can cause some severe injuries. The frame mounted baby jumpers are said to be the most dangerous types of baby jumpers because they not posses danger of the attachment that can slip off the frame, but the baby might careen into the sides of your door or forward into the nearby placed objects.

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