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Bello Minion!! Get One for Yourself

Since the movie Despicable me came out from Universal Studios, their character Minion which were in movie parlance the extras have taken the world by storm. Anyone who loves animation movies know about these lovable, huggable and hysterical characters. They were created as servitudes to the villain of the movie called Gru. The Minions take orders form him and try to complete the task in which they usually fail miserably. Unlike other criminals who generally treat their henchmen badly, Gru gets along very well with the Minions.

The Minions are created as yellow colored pint sized,  pill shaped cartoon characters with silly goggled eyes and blue overalls and they  are adored by children. Their easygoing nature, gibberish talk helped them make thousands of fans worldwide. They are funny, true to their friends , do silly things, sending apolitical message without offending anyone. These qualities of theirs,  has made them darling of the masses, which include people of all ages. They became so popular that the producers of Despicable me, gave them their on movie called Minions which did massive business. The Minions also infiltrated the internet, and their silliness inspired people to come up with number of their videos and memes. They were also made into reaction gifs to describe a myriad of situations.

Marketing Companies Love Them

Minions’ became so popular that they become loved by marketing companies as well. With each new movie of theirs, their popularity soared further. Any yellow product was converted as a Minion and sold. They inspired a lot of companies to come out with their products with Minions printed on them. The Minion saga was not limited only to kids products, but they took the adult market also by storm. There are many companies manufacturing minion gifts for adults as well

We can find them as skins on laptops, tablets and even phone covers. These little Minions can also be found on headphones making the person looking stylish while grooving to their favorite songs. It may sound outrageous but there are also keyboard covers  with different expression of Minions, which makes a great gift for a Minion fan. There are coffee mugs and even diffusers available with Minion prints.  Different kind of Minion wine glasses , decals, cushions, pillows , mason jars, shot glasses and lamp shades available which can be given as a gift to make a Minion fan happy.

All kind of apparels from t-shirts to ties, canvass shoes  are also available. The Minion art prints with beautiful Minion quotes adore the walls of many Minion lover across the world. Minions have also caught fancy of  females  and they cater to form of bracelet charms, nail art decals, aprons , tote bags and even on  rolling pins and chopping boards to name a few.

Any of these things make an ideal gift for a Minion loving friend or family member. All these products make us scream “Tula liloo ti amo ” to Minions  which means We love you in their Minonese language.

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