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Basic Criteria to Choose a Projector

DLP and LCD projectors are the most common types of projectors available in the market these days. Which one to choose is the main question among the projection enthusiasts. Both the technologies include their own pros and cons, even both the DLP and LCD projectors share almost equal shares in the market in the recent few years. In general, LCD projectors are more lightweight and portable than the DLP devices. Also, an LCD projector offers more white brightness and the perfect HD image quality that you have expected from your printer. The epson vs250 projector review is all about getting the best orienting option from a projector that uses 3LCD technology.

The rainbow effect is the main issue with the DLP projectors. Most users will hardly notice the differences but the problem arises with the light-sensitive ones. They can find it problematic to some extent. LCD projectors come in without the rainbow effect. On the other hand, LCD projectors are unable to produce large black images, unlike the DLP projectors. So, analyzing every pros and con every projector includes, you should decide which one will be the perfect for you depending on your requirements. For an instance, if the portability or having a lightweight projector is your requirement, you must opt for the LCD projectors. Weighing just 5.3 pounds, these projectors are just the perfect option for the home use and the small official presentations. 

Range and resolution of the projector 

Once you have finalized the type of projector you are going to buy, the second thing you need to consider is to decide the throw-range of the device. it entirely depends up to you. Whether you like your device to be ceiling mounted for a long-range access or wall mounted for the short-throw or as close to the screen as possible for the ultra-short throw – you should decide your preferences first. In short, ultra-short projectors need to be extremely portable so that they can be kept inches away from the screen. Ultra-short throw projectors are normally more expensive than the other two throw types.

After deciding the range of your projector, you need to choose the image dimension then. Buying a 3D projector will be a better idea as most of the 3D projectors support 2D projections as well. If you consider the epson vs250 projector review, you will find out this is one of the most popular 3D projectors available in the market and are affordable too. You can use it seamlessly as the data projector and the video/gaming projector as well.

Image resolution is another important factor to be considered further. 1080p resolution is perfect for games and movies. On the other hand, office presentation requires 800x600p resolution. So, 720p is quite a perfect choice to meet both of your requirements.

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