Top Massage Chair Reviews

Variety of chair massagers are available in the market nowadays, which is making very difficult for deciding which one to buy. Here we have written about the top best rated massage chairs with best features included in it like price and comfort. We have also taken feedback from the real users of the massage chairs and massagechairland.

Executive Zero Gravity Osaki OS-4000

This chair is made up of synthetic leather, which is offering the solid construction, stylish design, and the exceptional performance. This all the features are making this chair one of the best in massager available in the market. The zero gravity positions are provided which all depends on the massage type, which you want. It can be either change in the angle or the recline in the chair.

The intelligent robot which is present in the massage chair and massagechairland will scans all the body curve and focus on lumbar, shoulders, neck and makes micro adjustments.

This massage chair is designed to provide the full body massage to the shoulders, neck and the arms to feet, buttocks, and calves. It is also possible to customize your massage sessions by selecting the 6 programs like smart, relax, therapy, circulation, healthcare, and demo. There are also present of 6 massage styles like kneading, rolling, clapping, Swedish, combo, and shiatsu. You can able to do more adjustment like 5 speeds and the level of intensity.

The zero gravity recliner is featuring the 32 airbags which are placed strategically for targeting the different parts of the body. With this massage chair, you will able to enjoy the heat therapy for the lower back, vibration for buttocks, neck massage for air squeeze, and air massage for back shoulders and hips.

Inada SognoDreamwave

This is the most advanced and the highest rated massage chairs. The movements of this massage chair are based on the shiatsu massage professional actual movements. They are also duplicated to mimic those mobilization movements which are usually used by the physical therapists and chiropractors. These features are providing a gentle 8-motion figure, which will stimulate the balance of the body. This is very similar to the shiatsu massage state.

You will be able to customize your own massage and will be able to use the one programs from the eight. The pre-programmed massage settings like morning, stretch and nighttime are all included in it.

This massage chair will cradle on the whole body and will provide the coverage of around 1,200 square inches, which is the broadest massage recliner. The chair is designed for any age group with the proprietary youth sessions for young and old. This chair will provide the massage for hips, thighs, calves, neck, feet and the full arm.

Every session will start by scanning of the body and then it will detect the particular pressure points. You can also take the customized massage for a single part of the body out of 106.

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