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The Helpful Tips In Choosing the Right Makeup Brushes

There seems to exist a maxim that natural beauty products are than the man-made ones. When it comes to beauty, the synthetics are not harmful to human health. Vegan makeup brushes are usually synthetic helps craft users look. Choosing between synthetic and natural brushes can be hard than you might think. The fact that both are mass produced and both are pretty popular, you need to make certain of your choice. Know the difference since the subject ties back into the art of applying makeup itself. Below is a rundown of both synthetic and natural brushes to help you find the difference:

The Synthetic Brushes

Most of the synthetic brushes are tested of the makeup artists and users. In the realm of beauty products, there are plenty of reasons to choose synthetic brushes. They are a great way to ensure that the sourcing of the bristles used in your brush was cruelty-free. The synthetic bristles can be soft to the touch and safe to any skin type. Yet, there are the ones that are not that soft. There is still the need for finding the right synthetic makeup brush. This can be a game of trial and error or being willing to accept less than the best. This is vital if you want to build up your synthetic brush collection with the vegan makeup brush brands. You need to keep in mind that aside from the cruelty-free brushes, synthetic are:

  • Soft Bristles. The makeup brushes made of synthetic have softer bristles depending on its brand. These are well hand-crafted out of materials like polyester and nylon. To look like natural brushes, they are usually dyed to a dark cream or brown color.
  • Natural Styles. These brushes come in many styles and brands. These are easier to wash because the bristles aren’t coated with anything and don’t shed as much as natural ones.
  • Works Best. The synthetic brushes tend to work best with liquid and cream products. They can even handle thicker concealers or foundation, lipsticks, or even cream blushes. Cut the use of a damp sponge to apply your base and switch to a synthetic brush. This can be a smart choice because they don’t absorb as much product and are super simple to blend with. You can then prevent that foundation line you always get around your jaw.


The Natural Brushes

The natural brushes are usually made out of animal hair and fur. Most of these brushes are from animals like boars, squirrels, and goats. There are actually some cruelty-free brushes although it is natural. These are harder to come by and are often a little pricier. These brushes are softer and much delicate on the skin. They are also easier to wash, last longer, can blend liquid makeup better. It may sound pretty ideal yet, not all products of this type are hypoallergenic and safe. To distinguish the natural makeup brushes, you need to check:

  • The Color. They are often dark in color, but it would depend on the animal that the bristles are from.
  • Softer Bristles. The natural makeup brushes are soft, although they do have a tendency to shed. They hold onto pigments so well which makes it hard to wash. These brushes are usually more expensive.

The natural bristles are not that safe to people with allergies. Although this can work on some skin, the bristles come from animal furs and hairs. This means that it can then cause allergies or bad reactions. If you are vegan, it might be best to use the synthetic brushes.

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