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What Are Colored Contact Lenses And Why Does Anyone Want To Wear Them? And How Do They Work?

Colored lenses are contacts that have been pigmented with color to mask or hide the natural color of their eyes. They allow you to imagine yourself differently, having a different eye color than the one with which you were born. Such contact lenses are very popular and easy to obtain without a prescription for corrective lenses. A variety of social and life situations can cause a desire to try color contacts. Examples include a night in the city with friends, an interview, a date and more. Since the change is very simple and temporary, many people look for color contacts when they want to create effect, fashion and style.

Colored lenses are somewhat similar to ordinary contacts.

As geo contacts, you put them on the corneas of your eyes. But unlike corrective lenses, they are not clear. Instead, they are painted in one of the few ways to change the color of their eyes. Methods for making colored lenses include dyeing, pigment impregnation and pigment over the lenses. The center of the lens over the area of ​​your pupil is always clear, so you can see normally! The type of color contact lens you choose will depend on you. If you want to get very subtle changes, then tinted lenses will suit you best. These lenses slightly change the color of your eyes. For a more dramatic change, choose between impregnated lenses or lenses with superimposed colors. The effects of color between them are not very different, but many people find it much more convenient and easy to use for long periods of time. If you have sensitive eyes, then this is probably the best option for you.

You must make sure that your eyes are healthy before buying colored contact lenses. Visit an ophthalmologist to check your eyes and measure your eyes in case you need to buy colored contacts. Remember that although there are over-the-counter contacts, the more information you have the better, especially if you have never used contacts before! Also, do not forget to get contact lens care information from an ophthalmologist or contact lens supplier and carefully follow these instructions. Failure to do so may be harmful to the eyes.

Why should everyone try color contacts?

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if your eyes were a very different color? Color geo contacts as per prescription are an interesting way to radically change your appearance, but without any risk, because they are easy to remove if you don’t like what they look like in you. Color contacts are fun, cheap and risk free with proper handling.

Subtle change

If you have bright eyes, you can use the selected contacts to give your eyes more clarity and depth without drastically changing their color. This type of contact is ideal if you want people to congratulate you on your appearance, but not understanding how you did it. They are also great for those days when you are sleeping, as they can beautify your appearance and immediately wake you up, especially if you use the right makeup.

Radically changing your look

Color contacts are also great if you want to radically change your appearance. Even if it looks like something small, changing the color of your eyes can completely change your appearance. For example, colored contacts allow you to look exotic, with light eyes and dark skin and hair, even if this combination is not common. Color contacts are an affordable way to tailor your image to your mood, refresh your look, or just add a little fun to your image.


Even if you were born with brown hair and eyes, nothing prevents you from becoming a blue-eyed blonde if you choose. A wig and a pair of colored pins. You can be a completely different person for one night and surprise your friends with your new look. If you like a party, contact lenses with a special effect can be the perfect finishing touch for your costume: you can become a vampire, a werewolf or a manga character with a simple costume and matching color lenses.

Colored contacts for everyone

Not only dark-eyed people benefit from contact lenses colors. Some people with natural light eyes wear colored contact lenses to darken the eyes, to give them a more intense look or to complement the chosen hair color. Color lenses are an interesting way to change your appearance without any compromises or side effects.

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