Why Coffee Rituals in the Workplace Matter

Why is coffee in the morning so important for most people? Why is it so important that before one does any task they get a drink of this black and bittersweet liquid? What is the psychology that drives us humans to create these daily rituals that to start our day? This activity before we do work is deemed very important that some people will not even accept any job offers if they find out that the office has no coffee machine. At home, it can be had at any time but in the workplace, it’s a way of life. A ritual so to speak. A solemn, serious activity done according to a set of prescribed order. That is how serious coffee drinking in the workplace is. The equipment itself could be as varied as just a jar of sugar, creamer, and coffee. Other have a coffee vending machine set to dispense coffee freely, yet others may actually have fancier coffee items such as a french press coffee maker and fancy espresso machines. Why are they important? Let us take a look at some of the compelling reasons below.

Just the Smell of Coffee Can Trigger Energy

Studies have shown that just having the aroma of coffee in the air can actually perk up your brain and subconsciously give the signal that it is time to work, indirectly boosting the mood in the workplace. We are talking about just the smell here. The smell of coffee, many would agree, is one of the most welcome and recognizable smells there is in the world. Whether this is a placebo effect or not, there is nothing like freshly ground coffee bean smells in the morning to simulate wakefulness.

The Smell of Coffee Also Triggers Good Feelings

Have you noticed that coffee shops around the world have that cozy feeling and atmosphere in general? It could be those feelings of coziness and being comfortable are triggered by the memory of having coffee with good friends, or having coffee with family and loved ones over a warm fireplace. Smells are powerful memory triggers and the smell of coffee even more so.

High-Quality Coffee Boosts Productivity In The Workplace

Having a fully equipped coffee dispenser in the pantry makes workers feel valued more and because of this, credit good coffee for making them more engaged at work. Workers often boast about the quality of coffee in their workplace and this is seen as one of the more attractive traits of a good workplace. In addition to this, having coffee breaks promote good collaboration between team members and other teams as well, greatly benefiting the overall work in the long run.

Office Coffee is An Unofficial Standard to Beat

Among workers, having great coffee in the office is cause for bragging rights, and this instantly ranks the company that values coffee breaks among their employees higher in the eyes of workers. Now if this is not a major boost in perception management, I do not know what is. Employees put very high value in how a company dispenses its coffee or if it does at all.

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